Basescu: Romania needs to transform, it needs to modernize

Romania needs to transform and it needs to modernize, with the politicians’ role being to maintain an accelerated pace in undergoing such transformations and also to get sure they are just, President Traian Basescu on Monday stated from the Parliament balcony, in his speech delivered after taking oath for a new tenure as head of state.
He also made an appeal to the political class inviting it to participate in this common effort to continue with the country’s modernization.

‘It is time we carry out the reform the reform of the state […] It is time for strategic decisions to consider the national interest in the long run… As President in the latest 5 years, as a man who was re-elected, I want to send you a message of trust in Romania […] Romania wants to evolve, Romanians want their country to evolve… And we can achieve this common desideratum through joint efforts. thus, I invite you all to participate in this effort’, the head of the state said.

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