4,76 RON
4,19 RON
5,52 RON
4,20 RON
2,98 RON
3,15 RON
2,43 RON
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Commodity Exchange trade greenhouse gas emissions securities, starting Monday

The Sibiu Monetary Financial and Commodities Exchange (BMFMS) will launch starting Monday the futures contract having as an active support the greenhouse gas emission securities (EGES) having CO2 RON 2008-2012 as a symbol, BMFMS release informs.

The contract numbers 100 EGES and the transaction step is worth 0.01 lei (1 leu per contract). The contracts are repayable every day. The contract initiated at the beginning of each transaction is due back on the same day. The single due daily back-payment will be permanently available during the trade session.

‘Launching these derivatives means that Sibex entered a market with a huge potential. It is known that the allotment of the gas emission securities is the main instrument of the European Union to fight against the global heating and through launching them, as a first, on the Romanian capital market, the Sibiu Stock Exchange practically helps Romania to meet the EU norms that ask the securities to be traded through the stock exchanges.

Likewise, we hope that from now on, the existence of an organised framework should prevent such certificates to be traded through deals made in some flats, only in favour of some, as it had happened, at a given time,’ Sibex President Teodor Ancuta said.
EGES is a title that gives the right to issue one tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent in a definite time span, valid only for the fulfillment of the purpose of the Government Decision 780/2006 on the scheme of trading the greenhouse gas emissions and which is transferable under the terms the same Decision stipulates.


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