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Economic, comercial relationships on Romanian-Saudi Arabian talks

The secretary of state in the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE), Doru Costea, led the Romanian delegation to the bilateral talks between the Foreign ministries of Romania and Saudi Arabia, at secretary of state level, which took place on Sunday and Monday, the MAE informs.

Talks took place with Khaled Al Jindan and Youssef Tarrad Al Saadun, deputies of the Saudi minister of Foreign Affairs for bilateral cooperation, and economic cooperation, respectively.
The talks agenda included relevant topics for the stage of the Romanian – Saudi Arabian development stage, in political,. economic and sectorial plan, as well as a swap of viewpoints of common interest of the agenda and the regional situation.

At the same time, secretary of state Doru Costea was received by Abdullah Al Shaikh, chairman of the Shoura Council (the Saudi Arabian Parliament) and participated in a meeting with the Saudi Arabia – Romania friendship parliamentary group.
Doru Costea was also received by Khaled Al Rahoun, the deputy of the secretary general of the Gulf Cooperation Council with whom he approached mainly the topics linked to the economic and commercial cooperation between Romania and the Gulf countries.

They also tackled the stage of the dialogue between the European Union and the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Romanian dignitary expressing his belief that ways of solving the last aspects in suspension in the negotiations between the two parties will be identified, with a view to close the Free-Trade Agreement. The consultations agenda also included a meeting with ambassador Saad Al Ammar, general director of the Diplomatic Studies Institute of the Saudi Arabian MAE.

The Romanian – Saudi Arabian consultations confirmed the level and the substance of the political dialogue between the two countries and were an opportunity to explore new possibilities of economic and commercial cooperation.


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