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Future executive seeks new phase in Romania-U.S. relation

Romania plans to turn to a new phase in its relation with the United States by attracting more U.S. investments, to see an advance in the process of visa-lifting for the Romanians travelling across the Ocean and to develop relations with the emerging states like India, China and Brazil – such are some of the provisions set in the Emil Boc cabinet’s governing programme with respect to the country’s foreign policy.

According to the document, Romania will seek to capitalise on the partnerships on a bilateral and multilateral level, to strengthen the bilateral partnerships with the European states, the trans-Atlantic dimension and the strategic partnership with the U.S. The priority goal in the relation with the U.S. is to turn to a new phase of its economic and technical-scientific dimension and to boost American investments in Romania.

Cooperation on security and defence issues will also be deepened, the governing programme says. Romania will promote a pragmatic relation with the European Union and Russia, with special stress on the stepping up of the economic ties and on establishing closer ties between the civil societies.
The strategic partnership with France targets the consolidation of the dialogue within the EU, the adoption of convergent positions and the promotion of common European initiatives. The commercial ties will mainly focus on such areas as energy, agriculture, transport, environment and trade based on the partnership roadmap.

The relations with the close partners in Central Europe (Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Baltic states, Bulgaria) will be promoted on a pragmatic basis updated in line with the common EU goals; Romania will stage a diplomatic and economic offensive to recover its foreign markets lost after 1989, with such move to be made in partnership with the business circles.

A priority for the Romanian foreign policy will also be the development of the traditional relations with the emerging states – China, India and Brazil. ‘We plan to re-gain our influence in the traditional cooperation areas and to gain new markets, also by extending the partnerships with influent Middle East countries by seeking to strengthen the economic relations and to support the promotion of peace in that region. The goal in Romania’s relation with Israel is to achieve a strategic partnership in several fields’, the governing programme says.

Another goal is to capitalise on the good relations with the Arab states with a view to promoting the economic and cultural interests so as to ease the dialogue between the civilisations, the ruling programme of the new Romanian government stipulates.


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