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Geoana: Threats to democracy are still there

The threats to democracy are still there 20 years after the fall of the communist regime, President of the Senate Mircea Geoana told the solemn meeting of the two chambers of Parliament on marking the 20th anniversary of the Revolution on Monday.

“Maybe we thought that totalitarianism came to an end concurrently with the fall of Ceausescu, the threats to democracy are still there,” said Geoana at the end of the solemn meeting. In context he voiced regret for the representatives of the Government not attending the solemn meeting in Parliament.

President Traian Basescu, members of the Government as well as Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church Daniel were in Parliament, but left immediately after the ceremony during which the Head of State was invested, which was held before the homage-paying meeting.

Some revolutionaries also attended the homage-paying meeting, but many of the representatives of the revolutionaries’ organizations were not allowed to get to the box of the guests in the plenary meeting hall of the Chamber of Deputies.

The revolutionaries had got invitations to participate from the parliamentary commission on the revolutionaries’ questions, but they were prevented from getting to the box of the guests in the plenary meeting hall as they had not got special invitations in this respect. Romania’s former President Emil Constantinescu and Roman Catholic Bishop of Bucharest Ioan Robu also attended the solemn meeting.


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