PD-L-UDMR Cooperation Protocol

The cooperation protocol between the Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L) and the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) stipulates that both signatories cooperate based on the principle of the joint assumption of the ruling through their cooperation at the parliamentary, governmental and local levels, in compliance with the legal provisions of the Constitution and the current Protocol.

‘The two political groupings commit themselves to finalize the reforms of the Parliament and of the institutions, in accordance with the assumed commitments,’ and ‘the functioning mechanism of the ruling coalition is ensured through the cooperation at the political, the governmental, the parliamentary and the local level.’

The ruling objectives the cooperation between the two political groupings relies on are the following: to provide a set of measures to ensure the re-launch of the economy and the consolidation of the economic growth, the revision of the Constitution with a view to the modernization of the state, the improvement of the mechanism of functioning of the powers in the state and the implementation of the results of the national Referendum, the observance of the commitments with the IMF, the World Bank and the EU Commission, to supply a equitable fiscal system through preserving the flat tax of 16 percent and dwindling the number of the fees and taxes, rethinking the minimal mandatory taxation.

Other ruling goals, the cooperation protocol stipulates, refer to the switch to drawing up the state budget in a multi-annual system, the revision of the pension system in order to secure its financial sustainability, the decentralization of the public administration, the financial one included, through the clear delimitation of the competence on EU principles with the view of increasing the power of decision-making, and observing the principle of subsidiarity and the introduction of the costs standards, the support of the business environment and drawing up a set of new policies to back up the Small and the Medium-Sized Companies (SM Es), the consolidation of the middle class and the solidarity with those in need, the acceleration of the EU funds absorption and the supply of the required financial resources for co-financing the achieved projects.

Likewise, it is aimed at supporting the agriculture, through tangible steps, viewing the development of the food industry, the modernization of the state and the rehabilitation of the national irrigation system. The development of the infrastructure at a fast pace, the reform of the education and the healthcare, the enlargement of the rights of the nationals minorities for preserving their cultural and ethnic identity, rethinking the economic development regions, the consolidation of Romania’s role and
statute in the EU, as the seventh biggest EU country, are other provisions that the document includes.

According to the signatories the cooperation protocol between PD-L and UDMR has been concluded as both parties are members of the European People’s Party (EPP) and because ‘Romania needs a full-power Government to take the required steps to re-launch the economy and to consolidate the economic growth.’ Both parties took note that it is required a set of measures for the decentralization of the administrative decisions and that the Treaty of Lisbon, in force, formulates new provisions on the functioning of the institutions, observing the principle of subsidiarity.

At the same time, the signatories takes note ‘it is required the continuation of the improvement of the inter-ethnical relations in Romania.’ The Protocol was signed by UDMR President Marko Bela and his Democratic Liberal counterpart Emil Boc.

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