Population’s health improvement, gov’t programme target

The improvement of the population’s health, the approval of a national strategy of development of the medical services on a eight-year period at least and the development of the rural medical care are the main targets forecast in the new government programme.

Thus, the new Cabinet is putting forward as action directions to bring into reciprocal relation the reform of the medical insurance with the reform of the public health system; the enforcement of an investments national programme to allow the medical infrastructure to the European standards, within 8 years, by attracting European funds included; the set up of a national plan of beds correlated with the needs of medical care of the population.

Other objectives are focussed on the speeding up of the decentralization process in the health care system and the increase of the degree of involvement of the local administration in the hospitals’ management; the support of the business milieu in the investment projects in the health care system and the development of the public-private partnerships; the promotion of the partnerships with the civil society, the integration of the medical services into the complex assistance networks, from primary medicine to the hospitals.

The Government also wants to develop the family medicine through an increase of the allocations from the health insurance fund, the endowment of the medical offices with diagnose and treatment instruments, the upgrading of the specialty ambulatory care by increasing the funds and the accession of the European funds, as well as the development of the public-private partnership and the attraction of the business milieu into the development of the integrated medical networks.

The programme also foresees the hospitals services turning into efficient and modern ones, by rehabilitating the public hospitals to the level of the functioning norms and endowment from the European Union, the completion of an emergency regional hospitals network at European standards, the restructuring of the hospitals’ medical care by using efficiently the human resources.

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