President Traian Basescu to be sworn in on Monday

Traian Basescu will be sworn in on Monday, at 3 pm, before the plenum of the two chambers of Parliament. After this procedure, during the joint meeting they will present the report on validating the national referendum that was held on November 22.

There will follow the solemn meeting for the 20th anniversary of the Revolution. Traian Basescu was validated on December 16 by the Constitutional Court for the position of Head of State for the second five-year mandate.
Dignitaries, magistrates and politicians, among whom mentioned should be made of Emil Boc, Nicolae Vacaroiu, Vasile Blaga, Adriean Videanu, Laura Kovesi, Catalin Predoiu, Roberta Anastase, Puiu Hasotti, Lidia Barbulescu, Gheorghe Pogea, Hunor Kelemen, attended the ceremony.

On December 18 the rulings made by the Constitutional Court on validating the result of the presidential election were published in Romania’s Official Gazette. On December 14 Romania’s Constitutional Court validated the presidential election and found that Traian Basescu was elected President in the second round of voting on December 6, with 50.33 percent of the votes cast.

On December 11 the Constitutional Court ruled that the null votes cast in the runoff presidential election should be re-counted after the Social Democratic Party had filed an application for annulling the election on December 8. On December 14 the Constitutional Court ruled on rejecting the appeal filed by the Social Democratic Party.
On December 16, during the validation ceremony at Romania’s Constitutional Court, President Traian Basescu said that his main aim was that every Romanian should feel that the President was his too, no matter for whom he voted in the runoff presidential election on December 6.

He also said that Romania was through a relatively difficult time, in the context of the crisis, and that, at this moment, one needed solidarity more then ever before. The President added that his main aim was the modernization of the state.
“We have a state that, by its costs, is a heavy burden on every Romanian’s shoulders. We must simplify the state, we must make the resources spent on the functioning of the state turn into resources at the disposal of Romania’s development,” he said.

Basescu remarked that the responsibility of a President when fulfilling his second mandate was higher than the one he had for the first mandate, considering the experience he acquired. He added that the Head of State was duty bound to find the political formulas that should help him entirely or mostly carry out the programme with which he won the election. He also thanked the Constitutional Court and said that, by the decision on having the null votes re-counted, it consolidated the credibility of the election.

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