Romanians pay homage and pray for heroes of December 1989 Revolution

Romanians on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will gather in the cemeteries, at the monuments or at the triptychs to pay homage and pray in memory of those who lost their lives in the December 1989 Revolution, reads a release of the Romanian Patriarchy.

In Bucharest, the services in memory of the heroes of the Revolution against the communist regime will be held at the church and triptych in the Heroes of the Revolution cemetery, at the monuments built in the courtyards of the National Radio and National Television, at the monument in the memory of the Gendarme Heroes – at the ‘Henri Coanda’ International Airport based in Otopeni, as well as in other locations where people sacrificed their lives back in 1989.

There will also be held a service, in the memory of the heroes of the 1989 Revolution, at the Patriarchal Cathedral at 12 am on Tuesday, immediately after the Holy Liturgy.
Moreover, the Holy Synod and the Romanian Orthodox Church have decided that all the churches and monasteries nationwide and abroad should held a remembrance service after the Holy Liturgy in the memory for the heroes, soldiers and Romanian fighters of all times and in all places, who sacrificed their lives on the battlefields, in the camps or prisons, so as to defend their country and their forefathers’ faith, to reunify the country, who fought in the name of the freedom and dignity of the Romanian people.

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