SMEs stay a priority for Boc government

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are one of the priorities of the 2009-2010 governing program worked out by the new ruling line-up and that will be submitted to Parliament.

The Cabinet headed by Premier-designate Emil Boc will further treat SMEs as a priority, adopting to this aim in a fast-track procedure a series of economic and fiscal regulation measures aimed at supporting and stimulating this business category. The policies promoted by the government will also be correlated with the goals of the Lisbon Treaty, providing at the same time the adoption of decisions that should favor the development of the technological capacity of SMEs.

Farms and family businesses as well as production activities and the capitalization on local resources will be one of the levers used by the new government to raise the population’s living standard in agricultural areas and disadvantaged regions. Last but not least, the governing program also pledges support for innovative activities and the development of the sustainable entrepreneurship.

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