Teodor Baconschi nominated for Foreign Minister – biography

Teodor Baconschi has been proposed, on Sunday December 20, to takeover the portfolio of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in the new Cabinet of Prime Minister designate Emil Boc.

Baconschi was born on Feb. 14, 1963, he is a graduate of the Bucharest University’s Theological Institute, 1986, he took a Master’s Degree at the Sorbonne University of Paris (1991). He also attended the post-doctoral Fellowship studies of the New Europe College of Bucharest (1996).
Baconschi was a general director (2001) and the state secretary for Global Affairs (2005 – September 2006) at the Romanian Foreign Ministry and a presidential advisor over October 2006 – August 2007.

He was Romania’s Ambassador to the Holy See (Vatican – 1997-2001) and also accredited to the Republic of San Marino and to Malta (1999-2001). Afterwards, he was Romania’s Ambassador to Portugal (2002-2004) and to France, Monaco and Andorra, since 2006. He speaks French, Italian, English, Portuguese and ancient Greek.


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