Adriean Videanu gets approval for mandate of Minister of Economy

Adriean Videanu was validated on Tuesday by the commissions of Parliament for the position of Minister of Economy by a vote of 39 to 17. This will be Adriean Videanu’s second mandate.

The minister was heard by the commission on economic policy, reform and privatization of the Chamber of Deputies together with the economic commission for industries and services of the Senate as well as by the commission on industries and services of the lower chamber of Parliament together with the commission on privatization and management of the state assets of the Senate.

“The energy sector and the defence industry enlarged to trade and the business environment. The enlargement will include both the SMEs and the major industrial system. The energy sector is the one that, in November, stopped the economic decrease. A priority is the restructuring of the energy producing sector,” said Adriean Videanu when being heard by the specialist commissions.

Adriean Videanu also said he intended to negotiate again for the share of the state in the project at Rosia Montana (western Romania) if he took over the Ministry of Economy, Trade and the Business Environment. “I wish to renegotiate for the share of the state in this project.

The delay in the benefits of the Romanian State is not justified. I think that Romania must turn to account its gold resources on the European market and this will be done by observing the environment conditions, no others than the European ones,” said Videanu when being heard by the Parliament commissions.

The state currently owns 19.7 percent of the shares of the company that will develop the Rosia Montana project, he said. “Paying attention to the environment requirements and observing the national patrimony, they will carry out the project on deposit development and will spend one million dollars daily, which will materialize in jobs, employees and taxes,” said Adriean Videanu.
“The European Union has a balance deficit of the mineral resources amounting to 134 billion euros,” added Videanu, who appreciated that it was a favourable context in which Romania might efficiently turn to account the resources it has.

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