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Boc decides to set up special secretariat for religious affairs

PM Emil Boc told the B1 TV channel, late on Monday, that he decided to make the Culture Ministry’s religion department responsible to the Prime Minister by setting up a special secretariat, because there is ‘a sensitive issue,’ after Kelemen Hunor was nominated to take over the portfolio.

‘As I’ve understood there is a sensitive problem at the Religious Affairs and I decided this department of the Ministry (the Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs and National Heritage – editor’s note) to be made responsible to the prime minister, by a special secretariat for religion, that is related to the denominations, to the Orthodox Church particularly, and to the other churches, and which is to manage the department, as it happened before,” PM Boc explained.

The Romanian Patriarchy denied, on Monday, the allegations that Patriarch Daniel had asked the Premier to separate the Religious Affairs department from the Culture Ministry and have it subordinated to the latter.
“The re-organization of the ministries is not the Romanian Patriarchy’s task. There was no such claim, same neither in 2000 when the Religious Affairs became part in the Ministry, it was no intervention of the Church,” Romanian Patriarchy’s spokesman priest Constantin Stoica told.

According to the media, Patriarch Daniel would have claimed the Religious Affairs department to be separated from the Ministry of Culture and to get subordinated to the prime minister. The State Secretariat for Religious Affairs used to be responsible to the premier before the year 2000.


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