Gabriel Oprea clears nomination hearings for Defense Minister

Gabriel Oprea, proposed for the National Defense portfolio in the new Emil Boc Cabinet, on Tuesday cleared the joint hearings before the Parliament Committees on defense, public order and national security, by a vote of 20 to 2 and one abstention.

During the hearings, Oprea said that the Romanian Army needs to get an adequate budget assigned, yet pledging in this context to keep within the 2 pct of the GDP earmarked for Defense, should the law providing this clear Parliament.

Both during the hearings and after that, Oprea said that he would resign if the Ministry of National Defense does not get a budget of at least 2% of the GDP when the Romanian economy recovers.
Right from the start of the talks with the Committee members, Oprea made it clear that the Romanian Army “needs to be equipped at EU and NATAO standards.’

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