General Prosecution issues non-prosecution decision for Elena Udrea

Elena Udrea, nominated for Minister of Regional Development and Tourism, said Tuesday that a week ago she received a non-prosecution decision from the General Prosecution Office and that she referred to the General Prosecutor’s conclusions during the sitting of the National Steering College of the Liberal Democratic Party held on Friday, December 18.

Udrea said that Parliament sent the Prosecution Office the relevant report of the parliamentary investigation committee back in October, “when it had been subjected to vote.”
“I am a lawyer by training and would not make such comments, but as a politician, as a minister, I have always said that those charges are aberrant and I find this is a correct decision,’ she said.

Asked if she reported to the Prosecution Office for hearings, Udrea said she did not, but that she referred to the institution all the documents required from her. During her hearing by the Parliament expert committees, she said that she received the non- prosecution decision of the Prosecution Office at the notification sent by the Chamber of Deputies, showing that all the charges raised against her by the parliamentary investigation commission proved ungrounded.

Udrea also listed the deeds for which the non-prosecution was instructed: abuse of office against public interests, intentional abuse of office against public interests, incitement to abuse of office against public interests, neglectful performance in office, fund embezzlement.

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  1. Dana spune

    Elena Udrea are in sfarsit liniste. Acum va putea sa faca o treaba cu adevarat buna pentru turismul romanesc.

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