Hunor Kelemen gets approval for mandate of Minister of Culture

Executive chairman of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania Hunor Kelemen on Tuesday got the approval for the mandate of Minister of Culture and National Patrimony in the Cabinet formed by Premier Emil Boc.

Twenty-four parliamentarians on the specialist commissions voted for Kelemen, none against and two abstained from voting. When heard by the specialist commissions Hunor Kelemen said that the urgent questions the Ministry of Culture had to solve in the time to come were decentralization, finding a solution to the situation of the Peles Castle at Sinaia (southern Romania), the support to the programme of archaeological research at Rosia Montana (western Romania) as well as the preservation of the archaeological patrimony in the areas where motorways are built.

“Early next year we must publish the list of historical monuments, it must be published again, evaluated again and we must think of how we are going to update it. Another urgent situation is the one at the Peles Museum, a very important museum that was returned to the Royal House. The Ministry of Culture is now under a contract with the Royal House and we must find a solution for 2010,” said Hunor Kelemen.
He also made it clear that the Ministry of Culture must consider the cultural diversity and the fact that its role was more to manage the business in this field. It does not create values, it must support creators.

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