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Mihai Seitan, validated Minister of Labour

Proposed Labour Minister M ihai Seitan on Tuesday was validated by the joint specialized committees of the Parliament, 38 ‘for’, 17 ‘against’ and 3 ‘abstentions’.
Seitan on Tuesday stated at the hearings that he was considering 7 new directions in which to action so as to achieve the objectives on the governing programme, with pensions representing in his opinion the main field that needs to be paid attention by the future Minister of Labour, family and Social Protection (MMFPS).According to Seitan, in order to cover the necessary funds for pensions there is need 9 percent of the GDP be allotted for this purpose, in the context more than 30 percent of the Romanians are pensioners.’There is no question of money lacking for pensions.

And when we say pensions we are not referring only to the pensions in the public system or in the agriculture, but we are referring to the ones in the army and interior too and to other categories, which created their own parallel pension systems. Thus, I ask for your support to promote the single pension law, in order to eliminate such discriminations and imbalances in the field’, Seitan said.

As regards the jobs, he was considering two directions: the development of occupation policies and the attraction of European funds for professional training and retraining. ‘I hope the unemployment, which today stands at 7.1 percent, will stay at the same level in end-2010. We will try to achieve this aim’, M ihai Seitan said.

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Another field of activity Seitan is to pay more attention too will be the social security field, with all its sectors – family, people with disabilities and other categories that are currently benefit of social help. ‘Some 2 percent of the GDP are spent on social security. While there exists no clear evidence of the people who really need this assistance. That’s why we have to reform the system, so that to be able to help the ones in true need’, Seitan said.

He also announced that in order to achieve these objectives, the MMFPS plans to attract non- repayable European funds. ‘Only 5 percent of these money were used so far. We have to help the people here to learn how to make such programs to attract funds, to shorten the intervals’, he said.


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