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Proposed ForMin Teodor Baconschi will do all that is rational and reasonable to relaunch relationship with Russia

Teodor Baconschi, proposed Minister of Foreign Affairs, has recently said that he would do ‘anything that seems rational and reasonable’ to relaunch the country’s relationship with Russia, for in his opinion Romania ‘should analyse in a more sincere manner, without any prior hostility to exist’, the current stage of its dialogue with Moscow.

‘Obviously, we have been oscillating between a more or less politically manipulated Russophobia and the attempt to leave behind our litigious problems inherited from the past through overplayed pragmatic rhetoric – let’s make business, let’s make investments and let’s re-conquer the markets. I completely agree with the new Russian head Putin being a major player on the global market.

I have watched the ability proved by the Russian diplomacy, led by the much more stable Mr. Lavrov – while we had five Minister of Foreign Affairs in the past few years – that managed to re¬place and re-open the strategic dialogue with the big European players and with the United States.

It is obvious we might many times prove to be too light in the geopolitical balance for the big game. Nevertheless, on the bilateral plan, I will do anything it will seem rational and reasonable to relaunch this relation of a very high importance with the Russian Federation. For we cannot ignore Russia, the same as Russia cannot ignore the fact that EU and the NATO are sharing a common border with Romania’, Baconschi said.

He also believes Romania will have to analyse ‘in a more sincere manner, without any prior hostility to exist’, the current stage of the bilateral relations between the two states, the pending litigious matters, the perspectives and the capacity of each government to start fresh in certain matters.

As regards Romania’s relations with Ukraine, the Romanian diplomat stated that Romania is currently waiting for the return of the presidential elections in this neighbouring state, also adding that ‘the Ukrainian political scene has always been shaken by electoral shocks in the latest years, which to some extend inhibited also the political dialogue between Romania and Ukraine’.


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