Rep. of Moldova, a priority in Romania’s energy interconnection projects

The Republic of Moldova is a priority for Romania as far as gas grid interconnection plans with neighboring countries are concerned, Adriean Videanu on Tuesday told the joint parliamentary committees during the hearings on his appointment as Minister of Economy, Trade and Business environment.

“Parliament is about to ratify the memorandum with the Republic of Moldova. The Suceava – Balti interconnection pipeline needs to be completed, including a natural gas project. Moldova thus represents a priority for Romania as far as interconnection projects are concerned,” said Videanu.

As for the authorities’ intention to proceed to a series of privatization deals in 2010, he mentioned that the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business environment would attempt to build on the minority stakes it owns. “2010 is not a good year for privatization deals. We only want to capitalize on the minority stakes the state holds in particular companies,” said Videanu.

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