Rompetrol, top Romanian exporter in 2008

Rompetrol Group was appointed top exporter of 2008 on Friday by the National Association of Romanian Exporters and Importers (ANEIR), with total sales exceeding 1.6 billion dollars on the foreign markets, according to a release of the oil group.

‘Following the acquisition of the Rompetrol Group, KazMunaiGaz made the first step in 2007 towards the establishment of a development platform for the relevant assets and operations in Europe.

The company’s involvement in the consolidation and expansion of Rompetrol activities in Romania has also left its mark on the domestic economy hit by the international crisis, both in terms of the exports carried out by the member companies and the support granted to the Group year-to-date amounting to some 1.8 billion dollars,’ Alibek Zhilbayev, manager of the Rompetrol group trading division said.

The ANEIR ranking counts 830 companies (out of a total of 24,645 exporting firms), which performed exports last year of minimum 5 million euros, with Rompetrol Group being represented by three member companies – Rompetrol Rafinare (3rd place), Rompetrol Petrochemicals (3 3rd place) and Rompetrol Gas (rated 621), plus the group’s general contractor, Rominserv, which reported total exports of some 3.3 million dollars last year.

Rompetrol Group exports exceeded 1.6 billion dollars in 2008, up by 48 percent against 2007. At the same time, Romania’s exports went up by nearly 25 percent last year, to 49 billion dollars (124 billion lei), according to the National Statistics Institute (INS).

The main export destinations of the Rompetrol Group targeted both the regional markets (Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Germany, Italy, Austria, Poland, Russia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Hungary) and Asia, Middle East and Africa. Some of the exported products are fuels (petrol, diesel fuel, coke, black oil, liquefied petroleum gas), polymers (polypropylene, low and high density polyethylene), industrial cast iron and steel reinforcement.

‘Over the first nine months this year, the total volume of exports performed by Rompetrol stood at a similar level with the one reported in 2008, with the trading activity being rated second in terms of importance in the Group’s structure after refining and retail. The group plans to sell nearly 8 million tons of oil and oil products this year through the Rompetrol branches abroad and through trading activities with external partners,’ Zhilbayev said.

Rompetrol Group operates in 12 countries, with most of its assets and operations being located and carried out respectively in France, Romania, Spain and Southeastern Europe. The company’s headcount increased by nearly 5 percent, to 9,600 over December 2007 – December 2009. The Group continued to be a major taxpayer to the state budget, with the total paid amount surging by 9 percent compared to 2007 (1.2 billion dollars). The group’s contribution stood at 737 million dollars in the first nine months this year.

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