Basescu: Maybe Santa will find in his bag a government too

President Traian Basescu, after he welcomed the carol singers at the Cotroceni Palace on Wednesday, expressed hope that Santa, along with the gifts for the children, will also find a government in his bag.

‘Maybe Santa finds in his bag a Government too. Perhaps, he gives it us even today,’ said Basescu, given that the Parliament is to vote the investiture of the Emil Boc Government, on Wednesday. The president wished all the Romanians, both at home and living beyond the country’s borders, good health, joy and a new year better than 2009.

‘I am happy we meet now on the eve of Christmas and the New Year and I assure you that what you children showed here, is but a part of what the Romanian soul is, a soul which feels peace and content at Christmas and which is happy to celebrate it, with the family. We, all the 22 millions are a family, after all,’ President Basescu concluded.

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