Basescu: My relation with Gov’t stays the same

President Basescu on Wednesday assured the members of the Boc Cabinet of his full support, pointing out that he will stay in the same relation with the government.
“I assure you of my entire support, just as I did with every government.

At the same time, I must tell you from the very beginning that I have no obligations toward the Government and Parliament, but to the 22 million Romanians and the Constitution. That’s my guide. You will have my support as long as your action serves the public interest.

Do not count on me to be less exacting in exerting my responsibilities of representing the Romanians. Nothing in my attitude towards the ministers who came to the attention of the Prosecution Office has changed and I will opt for their suspension from office. My relation with the government stays the same,” Basescu said after the members of the new Boc Cabinet took the oath of office.

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