Basescu says will not pardon those sentenced in Revolution files

President Traian Basescu announced late on Tuesday he will not pardon those sentenced in the December 1989 Revolution files and stressed he will put pressure on the state institutions in order to learn the truth about the events 20 years ago.

‘I think it is the right time for me to say something: I know there is a debate that the president, after the elections, will pardon those convicted, those found responsible for making decisions that had led to people being shot.

I am not going to do this, because it was written too in the previous constitution (the communist one – editor’s note) that the Army belongs to the people, and the Army should know that there is one single order that should never be carried out: when it gets the order to shoot at the people. This order is never to be carried out’, Basescu told B1 TV channel.

Basescu stressed the Army would have not shot at the people without an order given by the political group of the time and he argued that he knows from the family he was raised into what the military’s mentality is.
‘The Army did not shoot without an order, no general gave such an order without being told to by the political group, as it was then. This is what I believe, as I was raised in a military’s family, I had a military education, I know what the mentality is’, he explained.

He praised the military prosecutor’s decision to publicly say the Prosecutor’s Office had not done its duty well as regards the inquiry into the Revolution files. ‘I shall put public pressure – not any other kind of pressure – on the state institutions so that the truth about the Revolution be found out. It’s a shame, given that many of those responsible are still alive. We must not lose the chance to learn the truth’, he said.

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