Basescu to ministers: No going amiss if you stick to governing program

President Basescu warned the members of the new Boc Cabinet that it’s their obligation to explain the governing program to the citizens and assured them that he would further act as a mediator in the relationship with trade unions and the civil society.

“You can only go amiss if you do not stick to the governing program. (…) I believe you have an obligation to explain a lot. People need to understand very well what you want. You will see the governing program compared with the state budget,” the head of the state said on Wednesday, at the Cotroceni Palace.
Basescu added that he is aware that it will be difficult for the government to explain to trade unions some of the measures that will be taken in the attempt to reduce the effects of economic crisis.

“I assure you that I will try to also be a mediator in your relationship with trade unions, with the society. I know you will have a difficult time explaining to trade unions the measures you will be taking. (…) I start from the assumption that we are all acting in good faith,” said the President.

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