Basescu: We shall not modernize state unless we take competence as basic element

President Traian Basescu on Wednesday told the members of the new Boc Cabinet that he had much hope of modernizing the state and warned them from the very beginning that Romania would not be modernized unless competence was a basic element for the public service.

“I have very much hope in the modernization of the state …. We must turn competence into a priority when we speak of appointing people to certain positions. There is no such credible variant as removing competence every four years. We shall not be able to modernize the state unless we take competence as a basic element for the public service,” Traian Basescu said in the speech he delivered when the new ministers were sworn in.

He named a few of the priorities the future Government should consider in such fields as education, health, agriculture or tourism and made it clear that he would not hesitate to place at the disposal of the ministers the seven reports drawn up by the relevant presidential commissions referring to these questions for which there are solutions, said Basescu.

“The solutions are often not connected to more money, but to the wish of applying them with the appropriate costs for the parties. Above the parties there is the national interest, not the maintenance of the structures meant to create favourable positions for the people working with the various parties. I am expecting you should establish, in a relatively short time, the cost standards for the central and local administrations and to find the solution up to which political changes can be made concurrently with the change of governments,” said Traian Basescu.

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