Boc calls on all parties to forge national stability pact on public service

PM Emil Boc, on Wednesday, called on all the political parties to back up the achievement of a national Pact on the stability of the public service. ‘We need this mutual support to be sure that everything good and the measures aimed at the Romanians can be enacted in the ruling deed.

We need a national Pact regarding the public post. I want to be correct and straight with you, I mean all the political groupings – We all have made mistakes in approaching the public service,” PM Boc said during the speech he delivered in the Parliament’s joint meeting for the investiture of the new Cabinet.
Emil Boc said that starting with the heads of the parliamentary parties and continuing with everybody who can make a contribution, they all have to sit at the table and establish the political level of the ruling act, in a final manner.

‘Namely up to where the political nominations are done, based on competence and performance, and up to where it goes the public servants’ right to career, so that they should know whether they opt for a political career or their expectancy horizon is met by the administrative career they may have,’ Emil Boc stressed.

He specified that after such a pact is signed by all those who currently are part in the Parliament, irrespectively whether they are at rule or in opposition, it must be observed and be a guarantee of the continuation of the public service in Romania. ‘I think it is a priority and we must achieve it during the period ahead,’ said Boc.

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