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Boc: In 2010, we are going to take measures not necessarily popular, but necessary for the country

The designated Prime Minister Emil Boc on Wednesday stated that in 2010 the Romanian government would be forced to take certain measures, which are not necessarily popular, but which are necessary for the country.

‘The next year will be a tough one, although due to the economic measures the government took in 2009 and due to the improvement in the global economic situation, the perspectives seem to be a little less worrying than we first expected.

Nevertheless, we need to remain lucidly aware that we will probably pass through more difficult times before better times will come our way and I say this for I feel responsible and I know that in order to improve things in Romania I will have to assume with the government I represent some measures, which will be not necessarily popular, but necessary for the country’, Boc said, on the occasion of the presentation in Parliament of his new Cabinet’s governing programme.

He also underlined that the people are fed up with the speeches and that they expect only one thing now from the politicians: to do what is best for Romania.
‘In the next years. we will have to behave in a rational manner, for these years need to be years of stability and cooperation, in the name of the public wealth, and not years of hatred and personal pride. I believe we are all facing a test of political maturity right now, which means: we have the capacity to follow the national interests more than the personal or the group interests or not.

The designated Premier also specified that from the perspective of the immediate emergencies in the upcoming interval there will be the adoption in an extraordinary session in the first half of January of the budget bill to be based on the coordinates negotiated with the international bodies, referring especially to the 5.9 percent deficit and the 1.3 percent economic growth.

Moreover, Emil Boc stated that a stable government, to be validated by the Parliament, represents another priority, to help people regain their trust in Romania reverting to the right track again, with the citizens to hope again that a stable Executive to be supported by the Parliament may take the necessary measures in the interest of each of them.
Another pressing matter that needs to be solved would be the adoption of the fiscal responsibility law and of the law on reform of the pension system; both representing pledges Romania made before the international bodies and which are in the interest of 22 million Romanians.


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