Boc: It is necessary to set up political normalcy

Premier Emil Boc on Wednesday asked the parliamentarians for a vote of confidence “in order to do what is necessary for Romania” and added that in the time to come it was necessary to set up political normalcy and to take some measures that should bring prosperity to the 22 million Romanians.

“From my point of view the election campaign has come to an end. We have given up the logic of an election campaign and from now on what we have to do is first of all to bring political normalcy and make the decisions necessary for Romania … We are asking you for a vote o confidence in order to do what is necessary for Romania,” Boc said.

He made it clear that he did not accept a new term in office for him to be more “popular” and mentioned the economic difficulties of 2009. “I have said that I am not coming for me to be more popular, I have accepted to continue this work as we are all doing it in Romania’s interest. The year 2009 was quite difficult the world over.
The entire EU, except for Poland, witnessed an economic decrease.

All the governments encountered difficulties. We have the chance of benefiting by the results of the good measures we took in 2009, which are meant to avoid economic slippages,” said the Premier Designate.

Emil Boc thinks that the Government he previously headed took good measures meant to help the recovery of economy, a thing that was also confirmed by international partners, the EU and the IMF. “The fact that we have done what was necessary is confirmed by the very partners with which we have concluded international agreements, the EC and the IMF. They too have revised their economic growth predictions for 2010 from plus 0.5 percent to 1.3 percent as a proof of admitting the fact that we did what was necessary.

To do what is necessary does not mean to be popular. In 2009, during the election campaign, we assumed the risk of taking some not very popular but sound measures for Romanian economy,” said Boc. He voiced confidence that the new Government would take those measures that should bring prosperity to the 22 million Romanians who “expect political maturity and stability from the political class in the time to come.”

Boc did not miss the chance of retorting to the former governing partners and said that criticism of the measures taken in 2009 was not justified as those decisions were established “with PSD [the Social Democratic Party] at the negotiating table” and the Social Democrats should actually criticize their own faults and weaknesses.

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