Emil Boc: Governance is for Romania, we need everybody’s support

Prime Minister Designate Emil Boc on Wednesday, in a plenary sitting of the two chambers of Parliament, presented some priorities of the new Cabinet and emphasized the fact that the new Government needed everybody’s support and backing.

‘The governance is for Romania. We need everybody’s support and backing. The government I am presenting you does not have a monopoly on truth, on the best solutions for Romania. This is why I shall be fully open to all the good ideas, to all the good suggestions for this country,’ said Boc in the speech to Parliament.

The Premier Designate said that he considered the decision of the Social Democratic Party and of the National Liberal Party (PNL) on choosing the opposition and made it clear that the electoral programme with which the Head of State won the election was included in the governing programme and was the axis of the governing act.
“As I have said, I shall not hesitate to put into practice other ideas too, which were also to be found in the electoral programmes of their candidates for President.

For instance, Mr Geoana mentioned a good idea in his electoral programme, the one referring to a moratorium that should be applied to SMEs paying the loans they got so that, for one year, these companies should only pay the interests to go with these loans, which should be extended by one year. Obviously, this can be finalized after the discussions we are going to hold with the business environment, with the banking environment so that this measure should be implemented,” exemplified Boc.

He also hailed the proposal made by the Social Democrat leader for building, in each county, a nursing home for the pensioners that are alone as well as the idea put forward by PNL chairman Crin Antonescu of cutting the flat tax and made it clear that, the economic growth permitting, the Government would aim at such a target.
Boc also describes as a good idea the Liberal politicians’s proposal for taking measures meant to stimulate job creation in the underprivileged areas by various fiscal incentives to be given to the SMEs.

The Premier Designate also hailed the proposal made by Hunor Kelemen of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania for the decentralization of the health system and the subordination of the structures belonging to this system to the local authorities.
“I also believe very much in the parliamentary legislative initiatives and maybe this Government will mark a change of vision in the way of regarding the legislative initiatives of senators and deputies. I am telling my Government colleagues that we must not have an absolute monopoly on initiatives.

Very good ideas can come and can be supported, by the Government included, following the activity carried out by parliamentarians irrespective of the group they come from on condition that they should be financially backed and should be included in the governing programme,” he also said.
Emil Boc also added that the proposals made by the business environment, by the employers’ associations, by the trade unions were opportune and that he thought it necessary to conclude a national pact on jobs and professional training.


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