Emil Boc: The extra vote today is a proof of confidence and responsibility

Prime Minister Emil Boc on Wednesday stated the extra vote his Cabinet obtained from the Parliament represented a proof of confidence and responsibility from behalf of the body, so that the country to finally have a new government.

‘I explain the extra vote received today, and when I say extra I refer to the vote cast in our favour by those who were not belonging to the majority we counted on, as a proof of confidence and responsibility from their behalf, so that Romania to finally have a government, which emerged after the so many harsh political confrontations this year’, Emil Boc said.

The head of the Executive underlined once again that it was a good thing electoral campaigns were now over. ‘We are now through with the logic behind the electoral campaigns and we are ready to go back to work. We have two years and a half without elections in front of us we need to turn to good account, in favour of the Romanians’, Emil Boc said.
The government proposed by designated Premier Emil Boc on Wednesday obtained the investiture vote in the Parliament. As many as 276 MPs said ‘yes’ to the new Cabinet, while 135 said ‘no’.

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