Pictures that turn back time, in an exhibition devoted to Revolution of December 1989

An exhibition titled ‘20 years – The Memory – One Hour’, including pictures taken on December 21 and 22, 1989, and also 20 years later, in the same locations,was mounted on Wednesday, for only one hour, at the artesian well in the University Square in Bucharest.

27 students from the National University of Arts based in Bucharest offered their voluntary support to Sorin Lupsa, who is both among the authors and the curator of the exhibition.

The event, ‘In the Memory of Oprea Gheorghe Emil (27 years old) and Lazar Ioan (32 years old)’, was staged in the memory of those 126 people who died before the Ceausescu couple was forced to run away (on December 22, 12:11 pm) and also in the memory of the other 978 people who lost their lives after the dictators left, in the Romanian Revolution.

The 27 students, each having two pictures hanging around their neck, one taken back in 1989 and one taken in 2009, took their hands and made a hora (Romanian round dance) rotating counter¬clockwise around the well for an hour. The hora began at 12:11 pm and was stopped at 1:11 pm, when each student lit a candle and stuck it to the wall of the well.

“The signification of the exhibition is simple: twenty years have passed. The pictures taken back in 1989 are black&white, while those taken in 2009 are colour. This says it all”, the author said.

Sorin Lupsa had been photographer of the National News Agency over 1988-2005, currently workign as the official photographer of the Romanian President. Ever since 1990, he had many personal exhibitions, among which: ‘The Romanian Army – Partner for Peace’ (exhibition hosted by the National Military Museum, the International Press Centre in Sarajevo, the NATO Defense College in Rome, over 1996-2000), ‘Les Printemps de la Liberte’ (hosted by the French Institute in Bucharest, in 1992), ‘Scharf’ (hosted by the Goethe Institute in Bucharest, in 1999), ‘Recontres de la photographie de l’Europe de l’Est’ (hosted by the Musee de l’Elysee, Lausanne, 1990).
Moreover, he is the author of several albums, such as: ‘1989 – Romanian Revolution’ (Rompres Foundation Publishing House), ‘Three Days in a Millennium’ – Visit of Pope John Paul II in Romania ‘(Rompres Foundation Publishing House).

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