President Basescu confident gov’t will get Parliament’s approval

President Traian Basescu said late on Tuesday that he was confident the Emil Boc government would get Parliament’s approval, and he stressed that the prime minister designate is his partner, even though it had been said that he is ‘humble, he is Basescu’s servant’.

‘I am confident we’ll have a government tomorrow (Wednesday – editor’s note), since we have seen from the parliamentarians’ reaction in the commissions (that heard the ministers – editor’s note) that despite the fact they like the proposed government formula or not, they all understand it is better to have a government than to have not’, Basescu told B1 TV television station.

He explained ‘it would have been extraordinary’ for his image of a head of state not to designate Boc, but added it would have been ‘a huge loss, since he is a very honest man’. ‘It is crucial for a president to have a partner in the premier. Just imagine that the president had a hostile government and he has to chair the Country’s Supreme Defence Council (CSAT), where ministers come. What should one do? One blocks the CSAT and also has broken bridges to the government’, Basescu said.

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