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President Basescu wants law to stipulate up to where changes after elections can be made

President Traian Basescu wants to discuss with PM Emil Boc, in January, a draft law to clarify up to which level changes in a ministry can be made, as a result of the elections, with Romania’s president arguing the cap should be established at the level of the state secretary.

‘We must put and end to the habit according to which ‘I bring anybody along, because they are from my party.’ I want to talk with PM Boc, in January, because he has other emergencies, like the budget, now, and make a law to clarify up to which level changes can be made.

Changes are made after the elections, in all the countries, But up to where? I think the level of state secretary is the highest, and from the ministerial general secretary downwards nobody can be no longer changed. (…) and the minister’s responsibility should be only that of giving the objectives,’ President Basescu told the B1 TV channel, late on Tuesday.

The head of state specified that as a result of the different party doctrines there are diverse outlooks on several activity sectors, which the politicians try to impose. ‘Certainly, the politicians have their role and this is the reason why they are voted,’ said Basescu. He reiterated the importance of the modernization of the state, adding that the Romanians voted for the objective.

‘The most delicate institution and guarantor of the democracy in Romania, the Parliament was submitted to the Romanias’ approval about what it is to look like. And starting from this will of the Romanians, we must modernize the institutions, and have a less expensive state – it is too expensive and we need another kind of agreement with the citizens. (…) At present, the citizens are at the disposal of the state and (…) we have to bring the state at the disposal of the citizens,’ said Traian Basescu.


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