PSD will take care, from the opposition, to all the Government’s approaches

Romania needed a Government in this period, but the Social- Democrats will be careful to all the approaches of the Government, so that the governance to be in Romania’s interest, on Wednesday said the PSD vicepresident Ecaterina Andronescu.

“The vote is a matter of consciousness. It is now high-time to wish the ones who won this tenure in the Parliament “good luck”. A difficult period to the country is about to come from the financial, economic point of view and not only.

We shall be in opposition and we’ll pursue that all things be done in a very transparent way, when sources are not distributed on political criteria and reach the territory, the people, because all the country’s citizens are equal and waiting the resources in the same measure”, Ecaterina Andronescu stated, after the Parliament’s investiture vote.

Andronescu mentioned that the PSD will be attentive, at the same time, to the way the Government is respecting the programme presented in front of the Parliament.
The PSD vicepresident believes that the Boc Cabinet ministers are rendered account for their credibility to the citizens.

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