Reconciliation is UDMR true ideology, Marko Bela says

The true vocation of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) is reconciliation, said on Wednesday the leader of this political formation, Marko Bela, and from this viewpoint, the UDMR representatives decided to assume the government.

“Beyond the doctrine belonging, the UDMR true ideology is reconciliation between minority and majority, among the social groups, among communities, among programmes. A minority community never has an interest in confrontation, various splits and breaches in the society or in the political life, because through such a tense situation it will be the first to suffer”, Marko Bela said.

He said that the Romanian political class is currently divided dramatically, and there is a risk that this division could reach to the entire society, to the families, to the work places.
Marko Bela said that it is not “naive” to believe that one day soon the public life could stop deteriorating, along with the disputes and polemics lacking of quality. “But we should try. A Government which has in it structure the UDMR and is also supported by the group of the national minorities from the Chamber of Deputies could offer further solutions to improve the interethnic relationships”, the UDMR leader said.

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