Romanian Post, Radiocom not to be privatized yet

Communication and IT Minister designate Gabriel Sandu said during the hearings at the Parliament’s specialized commissions, on Tuesday, that he is not going to give the green light to the privatization of the Romanian Post or Radiocom, during his term in office.

‘The Romanian Post will not go on private hands during my term in office. We have a restructuring plan whereby the Post will become profitable, the more that in 2013 we are to lose exclusivity on the Romanian market. We plan to expand the Romanian Post’s activities such as the rapid delivery services and we want particularly the units where bills are paid, to be efficient and no longer finance them from other postal centers,’ Sandu stressed.

He added he did not take into account selling the Romtelecom shares and the privatization of Radiocom – the National Radio-communications Company, either. ‘Besides the Romanian Post, Radiocom’s privatization is out of question, too, and we want to make its activity more efficient as well. (…). During this period we will not sell the 46 percent stake we hold at Romtelecom, we are expecting a market rise,’ Sandu explained.

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