Traian Basescu: Current government starts under tougher conditions than predecessors

The new government headed by Prime Minister Emil Boc starts under tougher conditions than the previous line-up because at this moment one knows exactly what the economic crisis has in store for the Romanians, President Traian Basescu declared on Wednesday at the Cotroceni Palace, after the new Cabinet members took the oath of office.

“You are today at governing point zero. This is a government that starts under tougher conditions than the previous one. The conditions are harder because a radiography of the crisis was made and we are all aware of the future developments, we know exactly what lies ahead of us, what is in store for the Romanians (…).

My hope is that you will succeed in what I would say the previous government also succeeded to do to a considerable extent: reducing the effects of the crisis. I think the experience of governing during ten months of economic crisis will help you reach the correct measures to appease the effects of the crisis,” said the head of the state.
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