U.S. Ambassador to Bucharest volunteers to build home for people with disabilities

The U.S. Ambassador to Bucharest His Excellency Mark Gitenstein, together with other members of his family, on Wednesday participated in the Izvoarele commune (Giurgiu County, southern Romania), in a volunteer action, aimed at building a house to shelter eight adults with disabilities living in the Giurgiu County.

‘It became a tradition and it is a pleasure for me to participate in these type of actions around the Christmas celebrations, for I know this is how I can contribute to help these disadvantaged people’, the U.S. Ambassador to Bucharest said, before beginning to work at the thermal insulation of the inside walls of the house.
His daughter and son-in-law, along with other members of the U.S. Embassy in Bucharest, and with the Gourgiu Under-Prefect also helped the Ambassador at the house, Daniel Fiita and the representative of the Giurgiu County Council Ione l Muscalu have said.

The funds for building the house came from the non-profit association Habitat for Humanity and from the county and local authorities, and it will shelter eight adults with disabilities. This is the second time when the U.S. Ambassador gives a helping hand on a building site after in November he had participated in the building of a house for a disadvantaged family in the Prahova County.
Next year, the U.S. diplomat will participate as volunteer in the works on a new building site in the Bragadiru commune, close to Bucharest.

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