Next year’s draft budget unclear (employers’ organizations)

The draft budget for 2010 has many pitfalls for companies, Maria Grapini, president of the Light Industry Employers Federation on Monday told.

‘We do not know if the minimum tax will be scrapped or not. The tax break on the reinvested profit is yet another promise I do not see turning to reality as long as it does not allow the amortization of the acquired equipment,’ said the representative of light industry investors.
The absence of social dialogue, Grapini considers, resulted in the introduction in the 2010 budget of some facilities for SMEs that cannot be actually applied.

‘If getting out of the crisis would have been targeted indeed, the government should not have promoted a budget law that runs counter to the Law on social dialogue and public-private partnership,’ Grapini specified.
The dismantling of the Ministry for small and medium-sized enterprises also came under the companies’ fire. ‘We hope that at least a Department for SMEs is set up, to see to the continuation of the already begun projects and to assist companies with accessing European funds,’ said Grapini.

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