A third of the cars sold in Europe under Ramshackle car scrappage programme are Dacia

Almost 85 percent of the cars produced at the Automobile Dacia Renault plant based in Mioveni (southern Romania) were exported in 2009, with sales having been stimulated mainly by the launch of the Ramshackle car scrappage programmes, aimed at renewing the car park, on such big European markets, among which Germany and France, reads Ziarul financiar daily.

The total weight of Dacia in Romania’s 2008 exports stood at 5 percent, having went up to 15 percent in 2009, in the context more than 80 percent of the exports from the Mioveni plant targeted West European markets.
On the local market, Renault-Dacia holds a share of 38 percent, that is the largest market share owned by the group in Europe, according to Jacques Chauvet, the general manager of the Euromed region (Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria, the Republic of Moldova and Maghreb), who is also the Chairman of Automobile Dacia.

In total, according to Ziarul financiar daily, the Ramshackle programme accounted for more than 100,000 Dacia cars sold European wide, in the context of a total sales volume accounting for more than 300,000 cars. Thus, one out of three cars produced by Dacia was sold under the Ramshackle car scrappage programme in 2009.
There were 18,153 cars sold in total under the Ramshackle programme in Romania in 2009, out of a total of 32,000 units sold.

In Germany, Dacia sold almost 48,999 cars under the same programme, out of which more than 30,600 represented the small-size vehicle class Sandero, according to the statistics made public by the German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control. For comparison, Dacia sold in Germany almost 74,000 cars January through October, 2009.

Among the best sold brands under the German programme, Dacia ranked 6th, outranking such Renault (39,172 units sold) or Peugeot (43,381 units). Renault has 18,000 employees at the plant in Romania and more than 100 points of sales, with 800 suppliers producing for the carmaker based in Mioveni.

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