EcoAssist seeks to attract payroll funding

EcoAssist plans for 2010 include attracting payroll funding for its members, continuing the campaign for a correct legislation on green spaces in localities and carrying out the broadest clean sweep project in Romania, said head of the NGO Liana Buzea.

“So far we have not collected any salaries,” said Liana Buzea cited by daily Cotidianul. She also mentioned among the objectives set for next year the continuation of the advocacy campaign “Save the green spaces,” that will focus on promoting the appropriate use of green spaces, organizing a photo exhibition, landscaping projects, mapping the real green spaces in cities and attending relevant Chamber of Deputies meetings.

Also, the NGO wants to get involved “with all available resources” in the project “Let’s Do It, Romania,” which is intended to be the largest clean sweep project undertaken by environmental NGOs in Romania by Estonia’s model in 2008. Specifically, the project would consist of NGOs, authorities, private companies, mobile phone operators, sanitation companies getting involved in the organization and implementation of this large-scale project, running a mega media campaign to involve citizens, as well as central and local authorities into accomplishing this action.

In addition, on March 1 (a women’s gift day) EcoAssist wants to organize an exhibition of objects made from recycled/reused materials with the participation of landscape students. EcoAssist also intends to finalize the “Eco Brochure” project which is supposed to render a presentation of environmental NGOs in Bucharest, of the authorities in charge, the 10 laws of the environmentalist, ways to cooperate with the authorities, steps to achieve one’s own Eco project and a contest inviting proposals from 40 Bucharest highschools.

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