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MAE seeks increase of Romania’s representativeness within UN

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs plans in the upcoming years to enhance Romania’s representativeness at multilateral level, in order to secure a more direct and influent involvement into the activity and decision-taking of the world organization, after in 2009, as the result of the political diplomatic campaigns, Romania was elected in ten leadership positions within the UN structures, MAE informs in a release.

As such, Dumitru Prunariu was elected as President of the UN Committee on the Peaceful Exploration of the Outer Space (COPUOS) with a mandate for the period 2010-2011.
As well, Romania was assigned the Deputy Chairmanship of the Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization (with a 2009-2010 mandate) and the Deputy Chairmanship and, subsequently, the Chairmanship of the ICAO Multi-disciplinary Group in 2009.

Romania was elected as member of the Executive Council of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), 2009-2013 mandate, of the UN Narcotics Committe (2009-2013 mandate), of the Executive Council of UNESCO (2009-2013 mandate), of the UNESCO’s Inter-governmental Committee promoting the return of cultural property to its countries of origin, or its restitution in case of illicit possession (2009-2013 mandate, of the UNESCO Sub-committee on mediation and reconciliation (2009-2013 mandate), of the Administration Council of the UN Programme for the environment protection (2010-2013 mandate), of the UNESCO Committee for the protection of cultural patrimony in case of armed conflicts (2009-2013 mandate), MAE also informs in its release.

Through the promotion to top level positions within the UN system Romania could also promote more efficiently the European Union’s interests and national policies, as well as specific standpoints of the Eastern European zone represented by Romania within the UNO as member of the Eastern European regional group.


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