Minister of Labour: 70,000-80,000 positions in public system to be restructured

About 70,000- 80,000 positions in the public system will be restructured in 2010, Minister of Labour Mihai Seitan told a private television station on Monday.

The official made it clear that the number of the budget employees who will be to jobless was not yet established, but, according to some rough estimates, there will be 70,000-80,000 positions. Still, in parallel with these cuts, there will be areas in the budget system where the number of the staff members will grow as there is a manpower deficit.

According to the Ministry of Labour, these cuts will be made gradually and people will get new training, which should make it possible for them to get new employment “as the economic growth predicted for the first quarter starts being obvious.” The Minister of Labour made it clear that 2009 ended with a 7.8 percent unemployment rate and admitted there was “a substantial growth as from last year,” but, by the end of 2010, it would be about 7.3 percent.

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