PD-L estimates that state budget can be presented to IMF on January 15

The Democrat Liberals estimate that parliamentarians may cast their vote on the state budget over January 12-14, 2010, so that on January 15 it should be presented to the International Monetary Fund.

Vice-chairman of the Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L) Gheorghe Flutur said on Monday, after the meeting of the central leadership of the party, that they established a calendar for adopting the state budget for next year, which the Government submitted to Parliament last week.“They have established a calendar, by January 5 amendments can be submitted …

What we are interested in is that the final vote on the budget should be cast somewhere between January 12 and 14. On January 15 we should have a budget. The IMF will come again to Romania. We are interested in fulfilling the pledges we have taken to the IMF, the European Commission, but also in the need for a budget for the local administrations, for ministries, for the areas expecting investments,” said Flutur. According to the PD-L official, some of the priorities refer to paying pensions and salaries in time, but also allocating resources for investments.


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