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Secretary of State Eugen Tomac: Romania will always regard young people from Republic of Moldova with much warmth

Romania’s Government on Monday awarded prizes to the best pupils from then Republic of Moldova, who have got important success this year, especially in the Romanian language and history Olympiads.

The ceremony was held at Romania’s Embassy in Chisinau, Eugen Tomac. Secretary of State for Relations with Romanians Everywhere, and Moldovan Minister of Education Leonid Bujor attending.
Romania will always regard the young people from the Republic of Moldova with much warmth. Even if Romania too is through a more difficult time now, the Bucharest Government has decided to add, this year, a thousand grants for the young people across the Prut, said Tomac.

“It is an out-of-the-ordinary event sand I find once again that the line that was drawn between us many years ago disappears little by little,” he also said. Leonid Bujor too voiced hope that the Moldovan-Romanian dialogue, especially in the field of education, would evolve in order to come back to normal. “We want that page of the relations in the past eight years to disappear and we have already submitted to the Government the draft of an agreement with the Ministry of Education of Romania,” informed Bujor.

The 19 children coming from various places in the Republic of Moldova got each a prize consisting in money and a set of books. “What we dream of is to be recognized as Romanians, and when we shake hands with a brother across the Prut we should be asked ‘How are you, Romanian?’,” said Nicolae Dragos, one of the young man who got a prize.
Eugen Tomac also sent some financial aid to Victor Boian, an old man from the Republic of Moldova, who spent his pension and sold a hectare of vineyard in order to have a monument built to the soldiers of the Romanian Army who fought in the Second World War.


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