Senate and Chamber of Deputies Joint Bureaus to meet on Tuesday

The Senate and the Chamber of Deputies Standing Bureaus will meet in a joint sitting on Tuesday starting 11 a.m. to establish the agenda of the debates on the draft state budget and the social security draft budget for the year 2010.

The talks’ agenda schedules, inter alia, the distribution of the draft budget to commissions, the deadlines when the amendments are lodged and when the specialized commissions and the Parliament’s plenary meeting are to debate the draft. The state budget draft and the social security draft budget for the year 2010 were forwarded to the Parliament, on Dec 24.

‘We succeeded to adopt two extremely important documents for what the Romanians’ life means in 2010. (…). In building the budget we start from the macroeconomic indicators negotiated with the international bodies, the flat tax has been kept at 16 percent and the VAT at 19 percent, while the inflation is expected to reach 3.7 percent and the economic growth in view is 1.3 percent of the GDP,’ PM Emil Boc announced at the Victoria Palace (Government hqrs.) after the governmental meeting on Dec 23.

He stressed that for 2010 the Government plans to supply the terms for the re-launch of the national economy, and to put the emphasis on the business environment.
According to PM Boc, if the Parliament passes the draft budget in the shape the Government proposes, there will be secured the financial resources in 2010 for everything what social security means and to be able ‘to dwindle the number of the unemployed and provide more jobs and to ensure the business environment favourable work and development circumstances.’

In his turn, FinMin Sebastian Vladescu said that the general consolidated budget will allow the economic stability Romanian requires to be able to finance itself in 2010.
Labour, Family and Social Security Minister Mihai Seitan stressed that the unemployment rate would not go higher than 7.3 percent, namely 645,000 people, in 2010, and the pension point will have the level it had in 2009, namely 732.8 lei, while the average pension will grow by 2.2 percent next year.

According to the draft law on social securities, the Government plans to allocate a budget worth 41.060 billion lei, in 2010. President Traian Basescu, on Dec 17, sent a letter to the speakers of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies reading that in order to re-open Romania’s foreign financing it is needed that the state run institutions should establish a working agenda by mid February, 2010.


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