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Tens of weapons stolen from Ciorogarla are recovered by policemen and prosecutors

Bucharest prosecutors and policemen, accompanied by a few hundred gendarmes, recovered 35 weapons – AK 47, TT pistols and a machine gun – which came from the January theft that was committed in a military unit in the village of Ciorogarla, Ilfov County (southern Romania).

The head of the Romanian police, chief quaestor Petre Toba, told a news conference on Monday that, besides the above-mentioned weapons, following the swoop on the village of Dragomiresti, Ilfov County, they also confiscated three weapons coming from other thefts, confiscated 15 luxury cars, money and numerous jewels.
Investigations revealed the fact that the weapons were meant for being sold or used during some violent crimes.

People involved in the theft were detained on the basis of more than 500 fingerprints which were found in the warehouse at Ciorogarla as well as from the weapons that were stolen.
One of the people who were detained is Eugen Preda, the man who was involved in a conflict in a mall in the Bucharest district of Drumul Taberei early this year.
The weapons were found in several houses in the village of Dragomiresti and in a warehouse that belonged to one of the detained people.

Codrut Olaru, chief prosecutor with the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT), informed that currently they detained 15 people who were suspected of being involved in theft, who were nominated for being preventively arrested. The number of the people who were heard in the last 24 hours is 40.
He mentioned the fact that the weapons were in good shape and worked properly, but were not used in any crime, and had no ammunition top go with them.

On the other hand the DIICOT head made it clear that part of the suspects detained for weapon theft were also involved in heroin trafficking, which was brought from Turkey and was meant tor Holland.
The data supplied by Chief Prosecutor Codrut Olaru reveal the fact that, following the cooperation with the Turkish and Bulgarian authorities, they captured 55 kilograms and subsequently 75 kilograms of heroin in Turkey and Bulgaria in August.


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