Bizarre phenomena on Mt. Gugu attract many tourists

Hundreds of tourists come annually to visit one of the strangest mountains in the Valea Jiului (Jiu Valley, southwestern Romania), the Gugu Peak, a massive surrounded by mysteries, on which one says that at certain hours during the day it vanishes from the sight, the daily Romania Libera reads.

The legend says that on Mt. Gugu, 2,291m high, Zamolxes, the main God of the Dacians, ancient forefathers of the Romanian people, has had his place, and for that reason the mountain was seen as a holy place by the Dacians. Here as well the legend says that the Dacian king Decebalus 19 centuries ago hid a large part of his people’s treasure, after the Romans conquered Dacia.

He was convinced by the High Priest Deceneus that the Gugu Peak would keep the treasure safe from the calamities of the times. The legends are still alive in the area and part of the locals believe they are true. The inhabitants at the bottom of the mountain are called “Gugulans” and are renowned for their long lives. They put their longevity on the mysterious zone they live in and the high energy loading.

“Many of the tourists who came in the zone could swear that they saw the peak disappearing or that they saw explosions of light springing from inside the mountain. At the beginning of the ’90s, the researchers learned about the Gugu mysteries and came to the zone. At the end of their expedition they said they saw the lights (in fact, some globular flash lightning) which “have stolen” the peak onto the sky and couldn’t sleep at all because of some unexplainable energies”, Sorin Sanda, a mountain ranger keen on the mountain travels told Romania Libera.

He says that in the area a commission of researchers came as well, after the locals had signaled out the missing of a plane and what happened to the commission’s members was even more bizarre. “The were confronted to unmotivated fear, suffocation, the impression that they were observed, light explosions on the top. Plus, nobody could explain why the video film kept anything of some hours of recording”, Sorin Sanda adds.

The Gugu Peak is reminded by writer Victor Kernbach in his work “Astral myths enigmas”, which says that the Gugu Peak is the core of one of the “energetic essential points” of the Planet. The reputation of the Gugu Peak goes beyond the borders of the country. Tourists from Germany, France, Sweden come here annually wishing to take a photo of the luminous explosions.

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