British tourists to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Ice Hotel, at Balea

20 British tourists are among those wishing to celebrate New Year’s Eve at more than 2,000 meters altitude, on Balea Lake shore, in the sole ice hotel in Romania. Foreign guests have paid 198 lei (1 euro=4.2 lei) for a double room per night, going to sleep on ice beds, covered with wood planks, sheep skins, sheets and duvet.

Moreover, all tourists must have sleeping bags with them. Prior to getting accommodation, the 20 British youth will sign a declaration each, according to which they have no health problems and can face the cold in the rooms. The British tourist made reservation in Balea ice hotel since September, when it was only in the project stage.
The construction of the sole ice hotel in Southeastern Europe was finalized in just ten days, on Dec. 24, and is opened to visitors.

The tourist marketing project theme “Ice Hotel 2010” is “Ice Hotel Cold Think”, according to a press release of the ice hotel builders. The “bricks” of ice were cut from huge ice cubes extracted from Balea Lake, the hotel being located close. Instead of a mixture of cement, sand and water the builders used water to bond the bricks and, when freezing, it strengthened the ice construction around a wood skeleton.

Total constructed surface of the hotel is of approximately 650 square meters. The hotel has ten double rooms, an Ice Bar, an Ice Restaurant and an esplanade, where ice statues are exhibited. “Each room bears the name of a well-known philosopher, Romanian or foreign, and a short presentation of the respective philosopher can be read in each room. We prepared a new menu for the Ice Restaurant with four dishes, hors d’oeuvres and desert, also served on ice plates and those wishing to serve their meals in the Ice Restaurant will benefit of a welcome cocktail”, says the release.

As well, the “Ice Hotel 2010” complex will include an Ice Church. “This objective was first of all raised three seasons ago and meantime has won a well deserved fame, becoming a famous landmark for this location. If all goes well, the Ice Church will be inaugurated, as it happened in the past, on the Day of Epiphany (on Jan. 6 – editor’s note), the release informs. The Ice Church on Balea Lake shore will have an ecumenical character and will be open to all visitors, irrespective of their religion. On Wednesday night, temperature at Balea Lake was as low as minus 10 degrees Celsius.

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