Department for Romanians Everywhere, subject to PM working apparatus supervision

Department for Relation with Romanians Everywhere (DRRP) is to pass from MAE to the Prime Minister working apparatus supervision and will become the Department for Romanians Everywhere (DRP), MAE announces in a press release.

According to the quoted document, the change was carried out following the adoption of the Emergency Ordinance No. 115, published in the Official Gazette on Dec. 29, 2009.
“DRP draws up and implements the policy in the field of relation to the Romanians everywhere, in conformity with the major goals regarding Romanians everywhere and the governing programme”, the press release stresses.

Throughout 2009, DRRP has run a series of programmes destined to Romanians outside the national borders, including the ARC camp programme for youth of Romanian origin, living in Romanian communities abroad, “Romania’s Government offers a book” programme, which distributes children’s books, as well as a series of presentations of national culture and history personalities.

At the same time, DRRP has run the programme called “Creation of a book fund in Romanian language to the use of Romanian communities in Europe”, focused on the creation of a Romanian book fund, set to offer Romanian communities members from Central and Western Europe the opportunity to better get acquainted with the national culture.

As well, at DRRP initiative, the programme of study grants for youth of Romanian origin residing abroad was supplemented with 1,000 at the level of University education.
“The objective pursued by all programmes run by DRRP was to keep on and affirm the ethnical, cultural, linguistic and religious identity of Romanians in the neighboring countries, in line with international standards in the matter and the strengthening of links between Romania and the Romanian communities abroad”, says MAE release.

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